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The AVV075V is a sequential vapour vent with the exhaust of the previous valve opening the next in line. The exhaust from the last vent can be used via a pressure switch to activate the overfill protection system once all vents are open.
TECHNICAL DATA  • Operating air pressure 120 kPa to 900kPa. (Normal 500kPa)  • Consumption/stroke 1 litre free air.
MOUNTING • Directly on to manhole covers VOH200, VOH750 and VOH410: or by weld flanges in aluminium or steel.
MATERIAL • Aluminium body.  • Acetal Piston with viton seal is standard.
SECURITY • Bolted from inside tank. Gauze in body prevents access through outlet spout in certain models (optional)
NOTE:  For complete stainless steel tanks use AVV3SST all stainless steel and teflon fabricated vapour vent

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