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The ITV series of valves are the standard choice for manually operated tankers. They can also be converted to bottom loading at a later date and their split construction provides excellent flexibility and easy maintenance. The valve is separated from the elbow and with the joint being sealed by an O ring. It enables the valve to be serviced either inside or outside the tank. These valves comply with the UK, USA and Australian regulations.
PART NUMBER ITV2-B BUNA  50mm Mild Steel and Buna, top operated only  ITV2-B VITON  50mm Mild Steel and Viton, top operated only  ITV4-B – 100mm Mild Steel and Viton, top operated only  ITV4-E – 100mm Mild Steel and Viton, bottom operated squat elbow – suits SE4-1 Squat Elbow only   ITV4-B-AT – 100mm Aluminium and Teflon, top operated only  ITV4-B-ST316 – 100mm Stainless Steel and Teflon, top operated only
OPERATION Top operation via cable, manual or pneumatic lifter.  Bottom operation via cable, manual or pneumatic lifter.
Mounts to SE & OLE Series Outlet Elbows.
The ITV series of valves mate with a series of outlet elbows. The elbows incorporate shear grooves to ensure valve retention in the case of an accident. Standard material of construction is aluminium.
PART NUMBER SE 4 – 100mm, Squat, Plain  SE 4-1 – 100mm, Squat, Manual Bott Op  SE 4-1-AO – 100mm, Squat, Air Ram Fitted
Shown as OLE4-1 with ITV4-0 and weld-in tank flange

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