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Full flow hand operated or position locked butterfly valves.
The LBV300 and LBV450 valves suit 80mm (3″) and 100mm (4″) TTMA flanges respectively.
MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION Body – Cast aluminium Butterfly disc – Cast aluminium Handle – Cast aluminium with zinc plated steel locking lever Spindle – Stainless steel Seal – Viton B70 (LBV450) or GFLT (LBV450VG)

MOUNTING LBV450 mount directly to Liquip 100mm TTMA flange with chamfered entry to ensure disc clearance in open position.
WEIGHT LBV450 – 1.8kg
TECHNICAL DATA  Working pressure 1500kPa (210 PSI) in open position Working pressure 700kPa (101 PSI) in closed position Maximum temperature 100ºC Minimum temperature -10ºC
LBV450 Available Variations
• LBV450 100mm Viton B70 Bonded Seal • LBV450VG 100mm Viton GFLT Bonded Seal • LBV450VGL 100mm Viton GFLT Bonded Seal with locking tab (no operating handle)

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