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PVV204 Pressure Vacuum Vent


PVV204 Pressure Vacuum VentThe PVV204 series vents are designed for use on tankers which load or discharge with fill caps closed. They provide more capacity than the PVV104, which deals with thermal effects on the tank. Rollover protection is designed in and it locks shut at any angle greater than 60º from the vertical.

Mounting may be on a Liquip manhole cover or on a separate weld flange.

The vent may also be used on storage and blending tanks. It is important that the pressure/vacuum capability of the tank is known. Different settings may be required.

• Aluminium body and poppets
• Stainless steel housing, shafts, springs
• Nitrile seals
• Capacity 240m3/hr free air at 35kPa
• Max recommended liquid loading rate 1000 l/min depending on tank shell capability

PVV204 (settings comply with AS2809)
• Pressure Setting 15kPa
• Vacuum Setting 3kPa
• Free air bleed hole in body

PVV204U (settings comply with international codes)
• Pressure Setting 10kPa
• Vacuum Setting 2kPa
• No bleed hole

NOTE: For chemicals use PVV204-AT Aluminium, stainless steel and teflon. For stainless steel tanks use PVV204-ST316 all stainless steel and teflon.

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