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400mm (16″) MANHOLE COVER
Cast Aluminium construction, this manhole cover features two equipment mounting positions for Overfill and Vapour Recovery. Any mounting position not used can be securely blanked off until required. Ideal for either Top or Bottom Loading.
MOUNTING  Clamp-Band mounted to corresponding coaming VOH200U-15M Mild Steel Coaming VOH200U-30 Aluminium Coaming
VENTS  A standard 1″ pressure vacuum vent and 225 mm (9″) two stage emergency vent are included as standard on this series. Please Note: The pressure vacuum vent is for thermal expansion only and not for bottom loading vapour venting or vapour recovery.
A 225mm emergency pressure vent (also called fire engulfment vent) is also included on all models enabling bulk pressure release in event of a fire or rollover.

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