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Camlift top operators for 100mm internal valve.
Mounts on top of the tank with an internal cable connecting the spindle to the internal valve poppet.  Cam operated, as the handle is rotated through 90 degrees the emergency (internal) valve fully opens. Features simple external adjustment of the cable, heavy duty construction with large diameter stainless steel shaft, dual O-rings and aluminium body.
• Aluminium body and handle • Matching weld socket  • Viton O-rings
OPTIONS  • CL401RAT Aluminium with teflon trim  1/2″ BSP thread mount Stainless Steel spring & retainer • CL401R Aluminium with teflon trim  1/2″ BSP thread mount Mild Steel spring & retainer. • CL401RST316 Aluminium handle only, rest of the operator is 316 Stainless Steel with teflon trim (also avail with Stainless Steel 314 / 316 trim) • CL402R       Aluminium & Mild Steel with teflon trim  Flange mounted. (CL402RZ includes mounting kit) • CL402RVG  Aluminium & Mild Steel Fuel + Ethanol trim  Flange mounted.


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