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Epex Hose Reels


The Epex Hose reels are accepted as standard equipment throughout the petroleum industry for numerous applications in aircraft refuelling, industrial refuelling and bulk fuel delivery.
Modified hose reels are available for water service, both for delivery or fire fighting and also for transfer of liquefied petroleum gas.
 • Full flow hub assemblies ensure unrestricted flow of liquids without turbulence or foaming.
• Rolled cheek plate edges eliminate cuts and abrasions to hoses.
• Bevel gears on rewinds for easy rewinding.
• Manual geared and direct rewind mechanisms.
• Power rewind mechanisms available as alternatives to the standard geared hand rewinds.
• Screwed type locking device locks onto the bevel gear spindle.
• Heavy duty precision built hose drums give rigidity and strength, ensuring that hoses coil in perfect circles.
• Sturdy rigid frames ensuring that the drum mounting bearings and rewind mechanisms are always in alignment.
 Hose reel prefix:
HRG     Liquid Petroleum Gas service
HRP     Standard Petroleum service
HRF      Forestry / Water service
HRA     Aviation service
 HP2693-01        Inlet Swivel Assembly – Petroleum (new style)

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