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HyDip® Tank Level Monitoring


Why choose HyDip®?

✓ Robust design for unmanned and remote locations in harsh environments
✓ Multiple sensor options designed by IOR
✓ Low power requirements – from on-site wired-in to self-powered options including solar
✓ Easy install – no technician required. Calibration and system updated completed remotely
✓ Resilient communications – internet default – 3G/4G/Wifi/Ethernet
✓ Infinitely scalable – no limit to tanks, tags, devices connected
✓ Continuous status updates – no delay, no loss of visibility
✓ Low maintenance – backed by IOR 24/7 field support and service
✓ Remote tank level monitoring across multiple sites – view & monitor your tank data anywhere in the world online or phone app (iOS, Windows, Android)
✓ Proactive and responsive IOR Logistics Hub support – ensuring you NEVER RUN OUT

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